Product Design & Development

When you have a passionate audience, or a loyal fan base creating a range of products is a win win.  Your followers probably already want it, and you are probably already getting asked for it. As the brand owner, it is a key way to interact with your audience, with multiple upsides  – whether it is a commercial venture, to raise money for your foundation, or to create something that will transcend your core, and thrive for many years to come.   

We work on the conception, architecture, design and delivery of a clear product road map that delivers for your audience across merchandise, sports, tech garments & lifestyle.  We will nail the perfect balance of capsules that supports upcoming key moments, whilst building a long-term strategy that can exist beyond the moment.

We design and develop product ranges, curate trading strategies and shape tactical initiatives to build global brands. We can be involved in every aspect of the business growth and understand the need to look to the future. We shape product and strategy to allow the seeds of brand ambition to grow into fruition. 

We can isolate trends and identify market opportunities by drilling down on targeted consumers and their behaviours by researching what competitors, styles and trends excite them. By collaborating with our in-house teams we are able lay our findings over brand plans and business direction to create forward thinking collections – plus champion the internal and externals comms to being these to life. 

When it comes to product, a picture tells more than a thousand words, so you will find just a few examples below of recent projects we have worked on, turning ideas and dreams into commercial reality.

Patrick Topping
Nathan Connor
Nathan Connor

How can we help you?

Whether you need brand creation, capsule designs or event accessories and merchandise we can manage the full process to save you time and needless investment.  Our vast network of partners and suppliers ensures we can source product on scale to tight budgets or small batch runs to test the appetite, or cover team wear and unique items.

Get in touch, and we can get the ball rolling.