Our Values


We guarantee to always work in accordance with our 4 core values; Do the right thing, Be true to your roots, Keep it personal, Leave a small footprint. By working to our values both internally & externally, we know our partners & their customers receive a high quality & honest service.
We work as a secret ingredient to the success of some of the best loved niche online retail brands in the world. Our partners & their customers are at the centre of our universe, that is why we go the extra mile to ensure that our partners’ dedicated followers and customers experience value and trust from the offset, converting them to everlasting loyal brand advocates.


For us, it is all about selling high quality, ethically made goods, whether it’s fashion, homeware or nutrition. We always ensure to align to our partner’s values as well as our own, making their customers proud to shop directly. Our tightknit team of multitalented individuals allows us to provide a unique approach to achieve success for our partners. We would rather act like David than Goliath, even when working with the biggest brands because we are capable of much more than you may believe.


  • Your customer is the centre of our universe.

  • We take our role seriously because we know getting the online retail experience wrong can damage your brand.

  • We go the extra mile to ensure the experience your fans and customers get through visting your online store deepens their love for your brand.

  • We will never work with brands that don’t share our own high standards and expectations.

  • We live and breathe the brands we represent.

  • We lead by example and reduce the environmental impact in all that we do.


  • We make your online retail an extension of your brand values.

  • We take time to get under the skin of your fans and curate a retail experience that is tailored to their passions.

  • We plug into our partners’ brand vision to develop authentic, believable and valued alignment to your proposition.

  • We keep a close watch on the market to help you understand what your audiences need from your retail arm.

  • We believe in the brands we work with and represent them through every single touch point that they have with their customers.


  • We always treat customers the way we want to be treated ourselves.

  • We would rather act like David than Goliath, even when working with the biggest brands.

  • We have an eye for detail, we act with agility and we always work hard to deliver quality retail experiences.

  • We create nurturing online retail journeys, which are built around your customers to ensure they feel cared for through the whole process.

  • Our aim is to be a seamless part of our clients’ team; valued partners who are working towards a common goal.


  • We encourage our staff to enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that leaves the planet in a better and more stable condition for future generations.

  • We provide an abundance of free fruit for staff, and actively encourage exercise wherever possible.

  • We believe that it is our duty to conduct every element of our business in a way that has a positive impact on society.

  • We are environmentally aware and actively engaged in the outdoors.