Our Background


Green Snow was founded in 2013, and right from the very beginning we focused on creating eCommerce stores for our partners, they weren’t your normal retail businesses. We started with media companies and a global sports team, they knew an eCommerce store would be a key piece in their long term strategy and this is where we stepped in, to do it properly, with all our passion, building each store as if it is our own. Right from the start we were able to help with deep experience and expertise to activate and launch their eCommerce stores quicky and efficiently, whilst managing every aspect of it. Our entire operation is dedicated to its main aim to support our partners with everything that is required to manage a successful eCommerce store.

One of our directors was one of founders of the global cycling Ecommerce store Wiggle.com, and the creator of one of the biggest global cycling apparel brands dhb (along with many others) and is obsessed with brands, design and excellent product. The other was the Head of Ecommerce at Wiggle for 8 years with a digital agency background and penchant to an eCommerce side hustle.

Through various investments, consulting, brand launches and multiple inhouse projects we continued to expand what we did and Green Snow was born, but we have always been true to our roots, and followed a couple of core principles you’ll hear us say over and over again, Treat the customer as the number one priority, be the shop you would like to buy from, and do a few things brilliantly, otherwise you will do lots of things badly.

Fast forward to now, over a decade in and we continue to expand our client base and capabilities, with a deep focus on efficiency and quality, we have a number of high profile partners and successful brands that all have the same things in common. We love what they do and they want the level of care and passionate service that is hard to find in a world of big scale warehouses and broad agencies. Every step of what we do is unique, as we do it for ourselves, with our own stock and our own eCommerce stores. Our team go the extra mile because they do what they would do if it was their own. And that works for us.

If you want to know more, follow us on LinkedIn. If you want to know why we are called Green Snow, you’ll have to come and see us for that, we’ll tell you over a cup of tea.