Green Snow Thinking

When our client’s customers and fans receive an order despatched by Green Snow the impact is strong. From the paper bag, cardboard box or bio-degradable bag, to the kraft recycled postcard carrying their message, and the distinct lack of any single-use plastic inside, it makes people stop, think and appreciate what they’ve received.

Over time we have become increasingly aware of our effect on the environment. We want to lead by example and minimise the impact we have on the planet. We absolutely believe taking care of the environment is everyone’s responsibility, including our staff and our customers.

We are constantly evolving and improving how we work and what we do, and while we have full control of our own actions and products, we are also constantly pushing our supply chain to follow our lead and commit to cleaner and more sustainable operations. This is a marathon, but we are setting PB’s every day and will continue to do so.


  • Are engaged in effecting positive, environmental change through our activities at work
  • Are responsible, accountable and ethical in all our actions and thinking
  • Use environmentally friendly packaging on everything within our control
  • Are passionate about eliminating single-use, plastic items across the operation
  • Encourage our staff to enjoy a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that leaves the planet in a better and more stable condition for future generations.
  • Are currently exploring opportunities to partner with a relevant charity and we pro-actively support Sky’s Ocean Rescue campaign through our links with the Team Sky cycling team.



We avoid plastics altogether where we can, and we are making sure that we only use bio-plastic when we really need to. By reducing the plastic in one small area of our operation, in a year alone we will be able to save over 26,000 single use plastic bags.

And whilst we are winding down any remaining stocks of plastic packaging, we now only re-order bio-degradable or recycled alternatives. We are taking this approach across the business, finding creative solutions to have a positive impact on our planet across everything we do.

With the ambition to only use bio-degradable and/or 100 per-cent recycled and recyclable paper bags to ship orders, we have already…

  • Replaced all plastic tape with secure paper-based tape
  • Stopped including any single use plastic giveaways in our client’s customer orders.
  • Removed all bubble wrap and other plastic-based internal stuffing
  • Challenged our Operations team with an ongoing project to bring the business to a point where we are doing everything possible to limit our impact on the environment

The environmental issues we address are at the heart of the business, and feed through to the decisions we make daily. Whether it is the use of bio soap in the bathroom, sending orders with paper packing tape or simply turning the lights off when we’ve finished in the meeting room, we question everything we do and make sure we do the right thing for us, our partners, and our planet.

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